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  New Jersey Garage Doors is garage door and rolling gate provider, with any other related services and products. We serve commercial and residential property owners with industry-leading garage door services. Whether you need to install a new garage door for your home, or a security gate for your business, or fix a broken torsion spring, or replace a lost door opener, or add a beautiful entrance gate to your driveway, New Jersey Garage Doors can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

• With a ten year experience we are proud to have reached the level of maturity that makes a company reliable. We understand the importance of stability in a business that deals with durable goods. People in our organization behave ethically because it's the right thing to do, not because it will make people trust them again.

• We also understand the importance of the right criteria in making a decision. We will discuss options and work with you to ensure that the job can be completed within your budget.

• We tailor our jobs according to each customer profile.

  We fully know the importance of reliable products and fast service. Stell doors, aluminium doors, aluminium glass doors, slide & swing gate, rolling steel doors/gates & grilles, fire doors, store front security gates, our customer-oriented organization accompany you from the planning stage, through technical clarification up to the final installation.

• Our technicians are licensed professionals with many years of training and experience. They take pride in their work and are dedicated to excellent customer service.

• As a result of the service New Jersey Garage Doors provides there is a long list of loyal customers. Mavis Tires, Pep Boys, T-Mobile are proofs of our respect for the clients’ time, money and business.

• We cover the New Jersey, including: Middlesex County, Hudson County, Essex County, Morris County, Middlesex County, Passaic County, Bergen County, Somerset County, Union County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County.

24 Hour Emergency Service – Garage Doors, Rolling Gates, Operators

  It is no doubt that when you need the best emergency service in the field of garage doors, rolling gate or operator New Jersey Garage Doors is the best bet. We have been in the business for 10 years and have served many individuals with very high levels of satisfaction. We have someone waiting to answer your call at all hours of the day or night and every day of the week. No matter when you have a problem you can call and speak with us to schedule an appointment. There is always a professionally trained technician ready to help. Our technicians carry a full inventory of spare parts. So, not only will we be out to you same day. We'll fix your door the same day. 

  We provide 24/7 service for residential doors and openers, and for commercial doors and gates and operators. 

  A look across the industry, based on the various fees charged for services showed that our company remains an ideal partner for every client. But although our prices have won us lots of clients, other things make us tick. This is why we have many loyal customers, especially among those who appreciate our fast response.


Good customer service means consistently meeting customers' expectations. Great customer service means to take things a step further: to exceed - rather than just meet - expectations.

Our culture of listening to customers’ needs first—backed by our experienced and reliable team—ensures the right products are delivered on time. Garage doors openers, rolling gates, operators, all related accessories:
our job is to help you find true value for your money.

Our lead times are guaranteed to impress. We are your go-to supplier for all the products: openers, operators, garage doors, rolling gates, accessories.

Our specialists pride themselves on getting the job done right the first time and providing the ultimate customer experience.
If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, we will not rest until you have a smile on your face.

Our technicians are both skillful and respectful. Rest easy knowing we won’t leave a mess after finishing a job. You can expect that we will treat your home with utmost respect, as if it were our own.

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Residential Doors

If you’re asking yourself whether or not a sectional garage door is a worthwhile investment, it’s worth noting the convenience that these doors offer. You’ll enjoy the experience of coming home to a garage that can be opened with the simple push of a button. In addition to this, these doors also boast secure properties that make them an outstanding choice for the security-conscious. They are also designed with space management in mind. Each door is comprised of individual sections which are, in turn, connected by hinges. Because of the way in which it folds up, it is a great space-saving option. This is great news if you’re planning on parking a second vehicle out front. Plus, we have a selection of garage door operators and accessories to choose from too.

Commercial Doors

New Jersey Garage Doors offers a broad spectrum of commercial sectional doors, high speed doors and rolling gates. Our huge choice of different types, surface finishes, controllers and installation options offers solutions for virtually any application. From jobs that call for excellent thermal values, have stringent wind load requirements, to jobs that simply need a high performing commercial door designed for long life and superior strength. See for yourself!


New Jersey Garage Doors offers a range of residential garage door openers, opener accessories, commercial operators and commercial operator accessories to equip your home or business with an integrated door system. Our variety of power levels and specifications to handle multiple garage door weights and sizes provide the ultimate safety and performance to keep your system running smoothly. With a history of performance and reliability, New Jersey Garage Doors. offers a variety of power levels and specifications to handle multiple garage door weights and sizes, ensuring the ultimate in safety and convenience.


Repairing what you have frees up money. New Jersey Garage Doors understands the importance of good repairs. Consequently it keeps the professionalism of the technicians at a high level. We can repair everything that’s reparable in the field of garage doors, rolling gates and operators. In many a case we also do it fast because we have most of the spare parts in stock. But there is a limit beyond which the repair becomes costly. In order to push that limit as far as possible we have the alternative of preventive maintenance. Extending the life of your current garage door with our preventative maintenance care means you’re only paying for small parts here or there and saving yourself from the hassle of buying a whole new door Not only it extends the life of o product but it also reduces the chances of breaking in the most inconvenient times. Our advice for the businesses that depend on good operation of their doors, gates and operators is to opt preventive maintenance. Time will prove it a good investment.

Specialty Doors

Specialty door solutions, fire doors, custom sliding doors, accordion doors, door hardware – you name it! We provide it!

Rolling Gates

Rolling steel doors, rollup gates, rolldown gates, roller doors and slat gates ensure that your project specifications will be met with ease and style. They are a great solution for securing openings while minimizing the footprint of the gate.

Sectional Doors

Sectional steel doors satisfy applications where durability, reliability and economy are top priorities. Most commercial garage doors can be installed with a range of track and hardware options to best fit your building project needs. Explore from insulated commercial sectional doors constructed of heavy-duty steel to sturdy, lightweight aluminum or insulated overhead doors.

Barrier Gate Arm Operators

Popular in traffic control installations, barrier arms provide a lower cost for vehicular traffic control. Ideal for high traffic areas, barrier gate operators are essential for managing vehicle flow safely and efficently. These units can be operated automatically by card reader, keypad, telephone entry system, or manually controlled within a guard shack or nearby office building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As durable goods, the garage doors and openers pose specific questions. Here are some common questions. For the more specialized questions our highly qualified team will help you find the right answer.

  • • How to get the best door for my dollar?

    There are some criteria one should consider when trying to answer this question: home/business needs, insulation, material, style and of course budget. There is not an universal answer, but our expertise and your analytical capacity will lead to the right choice.

  • We are inclined to recommend electrically operated doors and gates because it is an investment for the long term and it fades away if we consider the difference it brings in comfort.

  • It is important to know that all springs have a determined life span: a number of cycles that depends on the type of the spring. Obviously when we have a pair of springs one breaks first, but the other one will follow soon. Replacing them both avoids the extra charge for the labor and trip implied by a separate repair. Remember: the condition of your springs affects the good operation of your garage door opener.

  • Although they are sometimes considered to be interchangeable, there are dramatic differences between Rolling Steel Doors and Sectional Doors. Some of these differences are based on materials, durability, installation, and pricing. Sectional doors may cost less than rolling steel doors but over time, heavy-duty rolling steel doors may save more as you will have to spend less service and maintenance on them. Rolling steel doors are of a heavier duty and sustainable construction. Also, rolling steel doors have mounting advantages that make them uniquely suitable for specific applications. Although they cost more money, they will last longer than a sectional steel door and will need less maintenance if used properly. And again, there no unique answer to this question. One must weigh all pros and cons for each category in his specific situation.

  • Solid rolling gates and doors are ideal for security and protection against unwanted entry and severe weather conditions like rain and snow. Solid rolling gates are ideal for commercial use and residential use as they work well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Solid designs can be made with perforated curtains for ventilation or insulated for complete protection against severe weather. Grille rolling gates have the appeal of allowing visibility and air to circulate at the same time as providing security and protection. They are ideal for retail spaces such as shopping malls, storefronts and parking garages. We repair, service and install all kinds of rolling gates and doors that include chain system gates, manual gates, roll-up or roll-down gates and fire gates among many more. We handle all kinds of repairs and maintenance issues as well as install from scratch. Our technicians are available 24/7 and work as fast as possible without compromising on quality. We give you the highest quality at the lowest prices.

  • Steel garage doors offer the most variety in terms of price, insulation, and design. These doors stand the test of time. We’re talking energy efficient, economical, and durable. Plus, they’re quiet. Painting a steel garage door to match your home is very common, creating a cohesive exterior design. Non-insulated and insulated options are a plenty with the construction of steel doors. Premium doors with polyurethane (foam injected) or polystyrene insulation (styrene is cut to fit panels) not only regulate temperature for seasonal weather, but also make steel doors quieter, lighter, and easier to operate. This option also keeps them less likely to sag over time. Steel garage doors are lighter and more efficient than wood garage doors and much easier to maintain. They also won’t crack, warp or fall apart due to weather conditions. Pros: weather resistant, efficient, and low-maintenance Cons: denting and fading The craftsmanship and beauty of a real wood garage door is hard to resist. Wood garage doors are preferred for their natural look, adding warmth and beauty. This style of door is a great accent to compliment the architectural style of a home. If you’re looking for customization, charm, detail, and curb appeal, this style has it. Paint or stain grade options are available in most wood garage door styles. Wood doors are thick, solid, and heavy. They have a tremendous amount of natural strength. Most wood doors are constructed with a hemlock frame and hardboard panels. With the proper maintenance and finishing, a wood door can last a long time. Temperature fluctuations cause the wood to contract and swell, breaking down the finish. I don’t recommend wood doors for sunny, dry, or hot climates. These conditions just aren’t gentle on wood doors. Wood garage doors are typically more expensive than steel. In the long run, the durability of a wood door will stand up well to bumps and scratches. Classic swing-open functionality can be achieved with wood doors. Pros: strength, security, and durability Cons: warping, cracking, regular maintenance, and rotting


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